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So, the mall by me had a shooting last night. No one was killed or injured, except for the shooter who, after opening fire randomly, ran away and committed suicide inside the mall. 

It still gives me the chills. As awful as it sounds, it’s almost weird he didn’t kill anyone. I wonder what was going through his head, and why he planned this out. 

It’s weird. You never think these things can happen to you or to where you live, but it can and it’s a scary thought. What if he had decided to shoot to kill? I know so many people who work at that mall, or frequent it. 

And people I know knew him. He worked at a pizzeria I sometimes go to. I’ve seen him before. It just gives me the chills. ): He always seemed so nice. I don’t think he really wanted to hurt anyone… Maybe just go out with a bang? As horrible as that sounds…


Blurred Lines" Parody(truth)

The U.S just needs to stay the fuck out of everything.

I swear… This Syria crap is obnoxious. The problems arising in Syria are more or less due to religion and politics. Why do we keep getting involved? I understand that the government and the people of Syria do not share the same religion. This is part of the reasons there are issues. So what do we do? Invade? Provide weapons? Support? Money? There is no “right” thing to do. Either we

A. Go in, do our thing, and get a shitty reputation.

B. Don’t take action, and get a shitty reputation.

The situation is almost similar to Rwanda. Almost. What makes Syria different is the Syrian government has the strong support of Russia, China, and I believe Iran. So, why does the U.S want to get involved? One is probably because our ally, Saudia Arabia, wants the Syrian government gone because they do not share the same religion. Our biggest problems probably stem from Russia. Why? Because…

1. We are not on good terms with them since they have our “Prisoner”. See Edward Snowden. 

2. Spying - NSA

3. Russian naval port in Tartus, Syria - Russia loses this, and they lose access to the Mediterranean. 

Russia and China shot down the U.S’s appeal to the U.N the first time they wanted to get involved in Syria. Now, due to the use of chemical warfare, the U.S has an “excuse” to get involved because of the severity of the situation. Meaning they can bypass the U.N.

But is this really an intelligent idea? It reminds me of World War I… Tense situations overseas, a spark, and the entire world is at war. Maybe the U.S invading Syria is the new Franz Ferdinand? We already have the tense situation, the ridiculous alliance… All we need is that spark.

Of course that is a crazy idea, but who knows? Russia might just have the balls to declare war. And what if they did? Russia isn’t some tiny country with a shit military. They are organized and efficient. It is no secret that both the U.S and Russia have nuclear weapons. If Russia declared war on us, it would change the entire world. This wouldn’t be like World War II where it was just gas, planes, guns, bombs… No. We would have a nuclear and chemical war. During World War II, the U.S was the only country that had the atomic bomb. Think about it - the atomic bomb decided the entire war for the U.S in the pacific because it was so devastating. So, now that it’s 2013 and war technology has advanced, what do you think will happen? Of course we have measures to destroy incoming bombs/nuclear weapons… But what if something got passed us? It’d be like, “Well shit, there goes all of New York City, Northern New Jersey, etc etc”.

Just think about that. It’s a nice thought. 


Can college just start already or…

Currently Watching: Game of Thrones season 1
This show is going to ruin my life.

Currently Watching: Game of Thrones season 1

This show is going to ruin my life.

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Anonymous asked: Hey it's me again. The boyfriend candidate. I am just writing to follow up on my earlier post. I am a sad panda learning that you don't play league D: however i'm sure there are other games we share in common :D. What kind of programming are you interested in? I'm a programming/gaming nerd :P. Anyways i'm sorry i'm rambling however what games do you play??

message me off anon? o.o

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Anonymous asked: So i'm applying to the boyfriend ad. umm im kinda socially ackward and sometimes i dont know it... im hella nerdy. I hope u play games like league of legends.. if u do add "salces bitch" and we can play :D.. u seem really nice and really beautiful.

This is so cute, hehe (: I do not play league though, I’m sorry D: I tried but never got into it

So, my brother decided to run away to China for his girlfriend who began working there about 8 months ago.

I sent him this email.

How’s everything? Do you like it? Tell Angel I said hi! 

Since you’re running away to a foreign country I guess I can have your car now. YAY! <3
I hope to one day love someone so passionately and unconditionally that I move to an oppressive, communist country for them. D’Aww! 
But really, I hope you have a good time (: Come home soon, good luck finding a job, you sneaky bastard.
Geez, who runs away to a foreign country? Not even like, Canada. China. What the hell. Of all places.
Okay bye, friend!
P.S - Does Reddit work in China? I was curious about what works and what doesn’t.
再見!有一個很好的一天。<— (yay google translate)